Kind, mindful, balanced training for all levels of horse and rider. Focusing on developing dressage principles and a happy partnership between horse and rider. All inclusive training and care.


Meet our Trainer


Kate Breiner

Kate is a dedicated trainer and instructor focused on creating lightness and harmony in both horse and rider. She spent ten years as a working student/assistant trainer for multiple Gold Medal trainers where she had the opportunity to work with horses from birth to Grand Prix. She feels fortunate to have had training in both the German system as well the Classical/Baroque system. Kate is a USDF Bronze Medal recipient working toward her Silver and Gold. She has trained horses through Fourth Level and schooled through Grand Prix. Kate has started over 50 horses under saddle and has successfully competed in dressage with scores over 70% and high score awards. She has competed stallions in USDF Dressage shows, as well as breed shows and exhibitions. Kate has a strong background in managing training facilities as well as performing head training duties for elite sport horse and breeding programs.

Kate's training and teaching style begins with relaxation of horse and rider. When the rider is relaxed, confident and able to maintain an effective position in the saddle, they easily foster a rapport with their horse that allows the training to become fun and effortless.

Training of the horse rests upon developing a trusting and respectful relationship. Kate believes this begins with groundwork to develop relaxation, confidence and body awareness, followed by balanced riding in the arena and cross training. Most importantly, both horses and riders must be allowed to learn at their own pace and the training system is adjusted to best fit the individual.

Anyone wanting to take dressage lessons or to learn more about the discipline, I strongly recommend Fairview, everyone is super nice and helpful, and it’s an absolutely beautiful facility. The ring is amazing to ride in, with wonderful footing, and the atmosphere is very low-key and relaxing for horses. If I wasn’t hooked on dressage before I certainly am now! I love the challenges it presents.
— ‎Alicia Herzog‎